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    Glenn Marcus, like Peter Acworth of kink.com, ran a torture pornography Website. A woman who was psychologically coerced by Marcus to permit pornography of her to be sold on Slavespace.com brought charges against Marcus who was her pimp/pornographer/trafficker. At one point he stuffed a ball gag in her mouth, sewed her mouth shut with surgical needles and hung her on a wall.

    Her attorneys, as I understand it, used the following definition: Sex trafficking is coercing or selling a person into a situation of sexual exploitation, such as prostitution or pornography.

    On 5 March, 2007, pornographer Marcus was convicted of sex trafficking (Bartow, 2007).

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  9. "Porn and strip clubs are not only frequently created by the same market pimps and players, but they are generally promoted together, with the clubs acting as free billboards for porn. Thus the AVN Website, though it started as a mouthpiece of the porn industry, is now heavily involved in marketing strip clubs. There is, for instance, a strip club review section on the Website. The way the clubs are promoted can provide fascinating glimpses into the way the industry understands the motivations of the buyers. The advertising slogan of the ‘upscale’ strip club The Lodge in Dallas, for instance, is ‘Take back your balls’. The club ran a local TV commercial “in which a timid husband hesitantly tell[s] his wife he’s going out with the guys. So she pulls out a key hidden in her blouse, unlocks the wall safe and takes out a box labelled, ‘Mike’s Balls’. With a disapproving look on her face she reluctantly hands them over” (The Lodge, undated, Website link no longer active). It seems reasonable to assume that this club sees men as wanting revenge or compensation for the fact that the women in their lives are no longer subservient, and may even be critical of their use of the sex industry. I call the practice in which men seek compensation for the better opportunities that women now enjoy in the public world, and the fact that they may rebel against unwanted sexual subservience in the home, the outsourcing of women’s subordination (Jeffreys, 2009)."

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    The connections between the pornography and strip club industries are very clear from the fact that strip clubs evolved from the pornography industry, and porn companies and strip clubs frequently feature the same owners and performers. Pornographers extend their empires by setting up strip club chains, and strip club owners branch out into pornography. Harry Mohney is credited with ‘pioneering’ the first ‘upscale’ gentlemen’s club in 1987 (Nelson X, 2008). He now controls 70 ‘adult nightclubs’ in the Deja vu chain. He runs the Hustler clubs too, founded by Larry Flynt, which carry the name of the porn magazine Flynt founded. Mohney began his career in the 1960s as a projectionist at an adult movie house. He opened Deja vu stores in 1970 and now has 30 ‘love boutiques’, many within or adjacent to his strip clubs.

    The women in porn and the strippers in clubs are often the same. The ‘dancers’ in strip clubs are often porn stars who go on tour around the clubs and do feature performances to bring publicity. Adult Video News tells us, for instance, that Carmen Hart, who is a Wicked Pictures contract girl, has taken many titles in exotic dancer awards competitions, such as ‘Exotic Performer of the Year’ in 2007 (Nelson X, 2008, p. 80). Sunny Lane, is a dancer for the Deja vu chain who tours under the title ‘The Girl Next Door Goes Hardcore’ and has appeared in porn movies such as Big Wet Asses 13 (Nelson X, 2008, p. 80). She is now an ‘adult feature’ on the strip club circuit after starring in an Eminem music video in 2003.